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My story starts at theological college. I studied for a BA in Biblical and Evangelistic ministry, and very quickly learnt that reaching people effectively, in an age where high quality print is the norm, means that churches need to create and print professional publicity and stationery.

Being in a leadership position within different churches for a number of years, I know what a difference well designed advertising makes to outreach, publicity and events.

Increasingly, I found myself printing flyers, leaflets, cards and stationery for my ministry, and it added up to a phenomenal cost. Resultantly, I decided to set up Acquire Printers to try to reduce the cost of printing to churches. I was amazed to find how big a difference in pricing there is for printing exactly the same thing!

I own absolutely no printing equipment, but I have franchises as a reseller in different printing firms. I found that all the printers will speak to you in gibberish. I have made the conscious decision to learn that language and can translate for churches that otherwise would be confused by a 300gsm 4/4 euro scale CMYK DL print!

Whether you’re a pro designer, or a novice, the service we provide can fill any gaps in the jargon you don’t understand, advise you on the print job, but more than that, we want to come along side a church, give them practical advice on wording and layout to reach the most people with the Good News of the Kingdom.

Whilst I can’t claim this is my full time job (I’m still in ministry), I wanted to open my cheap prices, expertise and experience to other churches and organisations.